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We are located on the grounds of the former Davisville, Rhode Island, United States Navy Base ... the original home of the Seabees.  In addition the famous Quonset Hut that went to war with the Seabees was developed at Davisville. Seven vintage huts can be seen at the museum, along with the world's only concrete chapel and the iconic "Gate Bee" statue. Our new main museum building, a modern evolution of a Quoset Hut, is up and we are working to complete the interior displays.

Today the original Seabee base is gone, part of the thriving Quonset Business Park, but the history of the base is being preserved by former Seabees and friends of Seabees.  In addition to the museum, we operate this store offering Seabee related products. Your purchase helps us preserve the CAN DO heritage.

Click on product images for more information about an item. We can only list part of the merchandise we carry on the web. If you don't see something you are looking for, email us.

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